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Work Permit Visa – Speedy And Efficient Delivery

A lot of dreams revolve around working in a foreign land. However, many dreams get scattered when the crucial work permit visa of would be employees is not granted by the authorities even with the offer letter at hand. We, at GDC, make all dreams come true with our services. A hassle-free method of receiving the foreign worker visa without waiting in the queue makes us one of the most sought after services in the USA.

As work visa agents, we have over 2200 visas processed, 1800 work permit visas cleared and 1000 successful travel arrangements finalized. We are looking to further improve on our successful track record.

A List of Work Visa Requirements:

  • GDC requires a worker’s detailed information (birth certificate, etc.).
  • Application is easy. Just download a form from our ‘Applications’ page.
  • In case your issuing country is not listed in the list of choices, please get in touch with our customer service. Our customer service department is at your service all times regarding a working visa.

Apply for Work Visa in a Smooth and Safe Procedure

  • After a candidate has registered the documents and filled in the appropriate work visa application, our expediters deliver the documents to the authorities by hand to ensure that there is no breach of privacy/safety.
  • We scan, review and make sure that the applications are 100% accurate before submitting them.
  • From the time, we receive your documents, up until we securely return them – our work visa USA team members physically handle the documents to eliminate any form of unwarranted risks.
Should you want a foreign worker visa, here is a list of the normal options we provide in the South American, Middle Eastern and African countries –

VIP Treatment Pack – Visa approved and released Same Day

Urgent Requirement – 1-3 days maximum

Expedited – 4-7 Days

Regular Requests- 8-12 Days maximum

After contacting GDC’s Work Permit Visa Management team, applicants can be rest assured about the timely delivery of their perfectly prepared documents. Ensuring a smooth transition process during deployment for all workers is our number one priority.




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