There are a lot of rules and regulations that a hosting country levies on companies that are interested in investing in their country. Our research wing and Program Management team ensure that all the little details are taken care of, for example – making sure that all registering companies pay all the local and country taxes.

During the registration process of a business entity overseas, we make sure that the contractors who are assigned to the project –

Go through the entry visa application procesas

Get a suitable work permit

Acquire a permanent resident card which is not necessary but recommended

Be it commercial or government work, we build the bridge for one country to plan and carry out an operation in another country. All the local consuls of these countries are long-term acquaintances of GDC and they can help in assisting the business with local and government laws. Our research team also instantly notifies all of the US and international investors in hosting countries with any change in the market laws. To provide further assistance, we commit our labor resources to the contractors to guarantee that all of their uncertainties are addressed.

Avoid dealing with middlemen who ask for additional fees.

Avoid unnecessary red tapes.

Start conducting business face to face with the local entities as smoothly as possible.

Owing to GDC’s international influence, this process is made a lot simpler and inexpensive. The companies save money and effort because they don’t have to deal directly with the local counsel or local sponsors to process their entry visa, work permit, legal officials, etc. These processes usually involve a lot of barriers which GDC has been able to successfully squash.

We directly communicate and build relationships with agencies from the hosting country government so that our clients can –




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