GDC’s MICR project has been specially devised to deal with the Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MOFA) constant variations of immigration laws. Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the Ministry of Interior (MOI) are known to charge high penalties if all of their laws are not abided by. We keep our clients updated about every legal step necessary.

Our Experience in Iraq

While researching the location, GDC’s experts discovered that there are plenty of unqualified ground expeditors who represent foreign companies, promising them to process their visa, work permit, medical requirements, etc.

We discovered that in these cases, the concerned companies risk the following–

Passports of their workers getting stolen or mishandled.

Regular loss of important documents.

The situation has worsened over the years, specifically in countries like Iraq, where laws keep on changing on a frequent basis. They do so without notifying the involved parties.

How Mission Iraq Contract Registration Has Solved This Issue –

Our ground expeditors work diligently to guarantee that no contractor is left behind. We make the transition process as smooth as possible. The Mission Iraq Contract Registration is a document that detects active government contracts and the contracts of the supporting personnel.

Our process –

The first step is to submit MICR to State Department.

Submit the contract number that validates the information with the country contracting officer.

Prepare the visa and work permit packets procedure for all contractors’ subsidiary to the mission.

Our expeditors go through an assessment process. After getting the clearance, they are authorized to personally meet with the company officials present, contractors and State Department Representatives.




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