The certified medical inspection for a foreign worker is a medical process that is obligatory for all people who are looking for work opportunities overseas. The aim of the examination is to ensure that the individual in question is both physically and mentally fit to work and is not suffering from any serious medical disease.

Be it on arrival or during departure, GDC is mindful of all of the medical test necessities. We guide our clients according to the procedural demands. Before any Hosting Country Medical Clearance procedure, our execution team-

Gets in touch with the hosting country.

Double checks and informs the applicants about the important local and government law.

Leads the applicants to our team of doctors and nurses who are assessed and verified on a frequent basis by GDC’s operations team.

Recruits additional medical testing assistance on the spot, should the need arise.

GDC boasts a team of highly experienced doctors and nurses. From this team, each and every healthcare worker is given the task he/she is best suited to, be it at a local, state or government level task.

A last-minute call to a random clinic is the last thing foreign workers would want. GDC ensures that this crucial step of clearing their names against stipulated medical conditions is carried out in the best way possible.




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