All visitors to Iraq who intend to stay over 10 days in the country must get a blood test for HIV and hepatitis within the first ten days. They are also obligated to repeat the test 1 year as long as they are in Iraq.

The problems that usually occur are –

A huge lack of doctors and nurses in base camps.

The doctors and nurses that are present normally do not have the access to go inside base camps for drawing blood.

With so many people cramped into these camps, sanitization is always a concern.

How GDC Makes This Process Easy

We provide qualified doctors and a steady number of nurses in all base camps. This makes it easy for the travelers to receive medical attention from GDC directly. They are not forced to change their operations and move contractors from one location to the other for something as simple as getting a blood test.

GDC’s all-inclusive plan –

We plan out the entire trip and share the details with everyone involved beforehand.

We maintain 100% safety and security throughout the process.

Our team takes care of any transportation requirements of our doctors and nurses, either by air or ground.

The temperature in Iraq during summers exceeds 50 ºC. Medical facilities are usually inadequate. GDC’s team of experts is prepared to fight any such conditions with great confidence and dedication.




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