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Professional Visa Management Services for Workers

A work visa is extremely important for people who are interested to work in foreign lands. The complete procedure of getting a visa is a long process, which completely depends on the current and target location of the workers. That is where the services of a visa processing agency comes into play.

For workers who are concerned about their visa application, GDC allots the members of its Visa Management team to handle every aspect of their visa requirements. As a trustworthy visa application agency, our objectives while handling your visa are simple.

  • Accomplish unparalleled turnaround times, ensuring that your visa reaches your doorstep in optimum time.
  • Make the process as smooth as possible, right from initiation to the delivery of the visa. Our associates at government offices ensure that our work is prioritized.
  • Ensure that the visa meets all of your contractual requirements.
  • We have a proven record of getting visas for our American workers long before the actual deployment process begins.
  • In order to make sure that the workers are thorough in their applications, GDC offers templates and customized forms.
  • For those who face any form of difficulty in filling the forms, our team members assist by properly filing and translating the forms if needed.
  • Arrangements are made with the worker’s parent company in setting a key point of contact for pick-ups and delivery of the visa application package.

Apply For Visa – Easy And Hassle Free

With successful projects launched in Kabul Afghanistan, Baghdad Iraq, Niger and Togo Africa, Republic of Congo, Lima Peru, Panama, Dubai and Abu Dhabi UEA and Pristina Kosovo, GDC facilitates visa passport services with the following parameters:

VIP Treatment Pack – Visa approved and released Same Day

Urgent Requirement – 1-3 days maximum

Expedited – 4-7 Days

Regular Requests- 8-12 Days maximum

Some other locations where our visa processing agents offer full visa services:
  • Afghanistan(Kabul)
  • Iraq(Baghdad)
  • Nigeria
  • Dem. Republic of Congo
  • UAE (Dubai)
  • Africa
  • UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi)
  • Jordan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • China
  • Egypt
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Washington DC
  • Turkey
  • Virginia

As a visa processing company, new visas and visa renewals become hassle-free with us. You get everything at an unbelievable speed with utmost precision.




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