Permanent Staffing Solution

Permanent Staffing Solutions Fulfilling Recruitment Needs

As a permanent staffing agency, we allow clients to hire thoroughly screened and competent applicants for various overseas projects. We have a strong hiring and recruitment team aided by consultants that is committed to serving the clients. The expert recruiters of our permanent staffing company go through a rigorous process of hiring, training and recruiting.

Our main aim is to save the time that a company would otherwise spend on interviewing and recruiting employees. The numerous candidates placed by us in various projects motivate and drive us to work harder. Be it hiring an individual or a group of workers, our permanent staffing services have the solution to all the recruitment problems.

A Permanent Staffing Company Guaranteeing Service Excellence

At Global Diplomacy Continuum, we are committed to offering robust recruitment solutions for our patrons. By engaging our permanent staffing solution, your company enters into an alliance that guarantees top-quality service and worker loyalty for a long period. We source quality talent from our rich resource pool and ensure the person meets your company’s requirement.

Permanent Staffing Services – Our Procedure

Attracting Talent

We primarily study our clients’ requirements comprehensively. Our permanent staffing services undertake an all-inclusive research into the industry and the types of tasks the workers are expected to perform. Thereafter, our hiring and recruitment team creates interest around that job and get the best talent that fits the job criteria.

Customized Recruitment Plan

For each job, our permanent staffing agency creates a customized recruitment plan. This contains the number of people needed, what skills they need to possess, and other particulars. If the applying worker ticks all the boxes, our team goes ahead with the recruitment process.

Shortlisting and Authentication of Candidates

Once we have identified such candidates, another screening process is carried out where both the hard and soft skills of the candidates are analyzed.

The final decision of our permanent staffing solution rests on the candidates clearing the above-mentioned criteria. Once they pass these phases, they are absorbed by the company recruiting them. We guarantee success for every company in hiring the best possible talent for their requirements. Taking a step forward, we monitor the performance of the employees to ensure they live up to the expectations of the companies hiring them. We are committed to providing the best of services to our esteemed clientele.

The worker’s ability to train and learn speedily is one of the most desirable traits that our permanent staffing company looks for while arriving at a decision.




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