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In a company, there are several types of jobs available. While some require permanent employees, there are a few that calls for having part time employees as well. With so many candidates looking for a job at the same time, it becomes difficult to filter the ones that suit the job role perfectly. As a reliable part time staffing agency, we bring together thousands of workers under one roof and train them as per the industry standards.

With over 80% of recurring or referred customers, almost a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and most importantly, 10000+ candidates interviewed and present in the records of our part time staffing agency, GDC has made a name for itself as one of the most prolific part time staffing companies to address project specific assignments. Our staffing agents ensure that only the best candidates get recruited by the clients. Our work includes close monitoring of the employees and their performances at their workplace.

Efficient Part Time Staffing Solution – Key Steps Followed

GDC begins each project by evaluating the client’s facilities, which includes creating an understanding of the client’s unique procedures, actions, culture, and history. Thereafter, our part time staffing services build a well-organized and practicable staffing strategy by further investigating material movement, labor dispersal, production ratios, and other important aspects.

  • Our efficient part time staffing solution procedure starts with defining client specific job requirements. We extensively search in our 10,000+ worker database to identify workers with the relevant skill sets. Screen-calls and recommendations are then obtained from the hiring authorities, if required.
  • The selected candidates are given a clear understanding of their job roles. They are made to understand what is expected of them and for what period. This helps every candidate to remain oriented to the company and his or her specific job role even prior to joining.
  • Before deployment, candidates are made to go through appropriate training procedures.
  • In case of assignments of a shorter duration, our part time staffing services employ on-spot assistants to help candidates by remaining present at the job site during the entire period of the assignment.
After the recruitment is done, workers are sent in appropriate groups. The dynamics of the group is set in such a way that its expected collective output exceeds the client’s expectations.




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