GDC has an honorable track record of maintaining general compliance with the fundamental requirements levied by the Service Contract Act (SCA) of 1965.

GDC thoroughly abides by rules regarding –
  • Payment of prevailing salary and marginal welfares. We ensure that none of our workers suffer from financial complications despite completing their share of work.
  • Standard recordkeeping to ensure that there is sufficient proof for every transaction.
  • Notifying all workers, associates and government officials about a business update.

Here at GDC we strictly believe in fair dealings. Hence when it comes to certifying that our company and our associates can effectively steer a United States Department of Labor (DOL) Service Contract Act (SCA) audit or enquiry, we never fail to deliver.

The Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division

We also comply with hourly regulations set by the governing body. They usually have an active squad of agents reviewing contractors’ compliance under SCA-covered contracts across the nation. Department of Labor’s Service Contract Act investigations can address a varying number of compliance problems and, notably, any such enquiry can expand to incorporate not only the parts of SCA compliance that caused the inspection, but also other areas concerning proper compliance. Hence, it is crucial to get each detail right.

How GDC has maintained an impeccable record

We have employed our personal team of auditors who routinely check each and every aspect of our deployment operations.

Our report team collects these reports and informs management in case there is a hint of slight negligence. They are also tasked with the responsibility of updating terms of service and compliance as per DoL regulations.

Contracted employees are encouraged to participate in informative sessions and workshops to make sure that they are aware of their privileges.

We provide specialists to manage Synchronized Pre-Deployment Operations Tracker (SPOT) necessities.

Like every law abiding American, GDC believes in strictly functioning within the limitations of the law. It is essential to our satisfaction and to reserve the rights of our contracted workers.




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