GDC has been successful in providing contract to hire staffing by offering customers access to high-quality recruitment divisions that include human resources, manufacturing, disaster management, logistics, etc. Our local market acumen coupled with our experience in the industry has enabled us to help in negotiating wages that completely comply with contract to hire basis.

A Process that Benefits All Parties Involved

In our negotiation sessions, we consult with all of our clients on the specifics of the wage and welfares packages. We then function carefully with our specialists to conclude the negotiations for shared benefit.

Our Service Is Flexible

Being flexible is a smart advantage for businesses looking to adapt to the modern market. It allows for comfort of headcount for administrators who recognize they are required to answer new challenges without as big of an investment as a permanent and direct hire. A business’ status can be preserved through having a hiring and downsizing model, without being considered unfair or unstable in their way of functioning.

Our Service Is Reliable

Majority of our clients not only want fast placement, but a lot more than just that. By methodically screening talented candidates before they start working for your company project, GDC is able to staff clients rapidly. In addition to that we are also capable of providing them with dependable and versatile talent.

As one of the leading staffing companies in America, GDC’s large business scope and scale allows its recruitment team to offer clients a number of options while providing successful contract to hire staffing.




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