At Global Deployment Continuum, we believe that it takes more than just a license for a gun. That is why we provide our personnel with training and qualification courses for –

  • DoD Standard 25m Alternate Carbine (M4)
  • Pistol (M9)
Applicants can apply for both group training and individual training. Our additional services include –
  • Providing transportation for anyone who requires it.
  • Delivering weapons and ammunition.
  • Providing hearing and eye protection gear.

Who Trains You

Our instructors have an immense amount of know-how regarding weapons. We employ arms industry experts and provide deployment overseas in support to NATO and the U.S. Government. Our licensed trainers include all the necessary teachings in their short courses.

The course includes –
  • Training sessions on weapon safety.
  • Mechanical aspects of the guns.
  • Operator maintenance.
  • Efficient handling skills.
  • Marksmanship skills.
These courses are followed by a performance evaluation. This evaluation leads to the final step – weapons qualification for the applicants. Even though the certification is legit, instead on focusing solely on the certification, our trainers also focus on –

Making sure the candidates progress as shooters by short-range marksmanship.

Encourage limited visibility firing sessions.

Create real life scenarios for them to adapt to all conditions.

After the qualification process is completed, candidates receive a certified DA Form 5704-R Pistol Score card along with a DA Form 5790-R Rifle Score card. GDC maintains these records as part of its security policy, and also, to remind these shooters of the skills they have learnt at GDC!




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