Pre Travel Medical ServicesPre Travel Medical Services are a practice that GDC insists on completing in the best manner possible. Our evaluation processes are destination-specific, since every location has its own set of medical requirements.

  • Risk aspects connected to the itinerary
  • The applicants’ complete medical history
  • Severity and curability of illnesses if acquired
  • Availability and effectiveness of chemoprophylaxis or vaccination in the location they are traveling to in case the need for it arises in the future.

We have centers that are suitably situated in every country wherein we offer our services. Our medical communities are operated by medics and nurses, who are experienced in handling offshore workers. They are thorough with the OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) standards of healthcare provisions. GDC also offers personalized travel health consultations from trained healthcare professionals. These professionals are especially trained to handle pre travel medical services like medicine and immunizations for travelers.

The Complete Pre Travel Medical Service List

Pre-Travel Medical Check-UpGDC provides the complete package of pre travel medical services to every traveler before their travels, to ensure that they are not sent back from their offshore workplace on the grounds of improper health conditions.

We offer –
  • An official immunization record book. Keeping it with the travel documents ensures smooth transition through the checkpoints in offshore centers
  • Customized itinerary specific fitness and travel info brochure. Each brochure details the health hazards and necessities for the countries on the traveler’s itinerary
  • Consular info
  • Travel guidance
  • Instructions on evading travelers’ diarrhea and other sicknesses
GDC is a trusted agency proficient in helping OCONUS Overseas travelers with every facet of their journey.




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