GDC ensures that all the workers properly complete the MOD 13 Pre-Requisite Courses. Completion of these courses before deployment is absolutely mandatory as per the laws of the U.S. Government.

Staying updated with the new requirements

GDC ensures that all its contracted employees follow the U.S. government’s updated version of Central Command (CENTCOM) screening standards. In 2017 an upgrade from MOD 12 to MOD 13 was made. We make sure that the workers comply with the MOD 12 standards, along with adhering to the range of added guidelines, interpretations, and new necessities for personnel – all of which are must for a smooth deployment process.

What will be required of you-

Every Department of Défense Deployers interested in taking part in the DoD-Expeditionary Civilian (DoD-EC) program under the U.S. CENTCOM will be given a medical clearance before deployment. These inspections will be based on the following parameters:



Physical fitness


Immunization procedures

Vision check

Hearing tests

All of these procedures are kept in accordance with the requirements of the USCENTCOM INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION AND INDIVIDUAL-UNIT DEPLOYMENT POLICY, Modification 13 (MOD 13).

GDC also informs the candidates of the health conditions that can be ignored and the ones that cannot be avoided.

Why GDC treats this process so importantly

Without medical clearance it is impossible to be deployed. The medical clearance procedure

International Deployment Solutions

Assesses the candidate’s health status

International Deployment Solutions

Keeps track of a candidate’s physical limitations

International Deployment Solutions

Guarantees the worker’s ability to work in a contingency environment

Risks of not completing the process on time

If a candidate is not open and honest about his medical history, he runs the risk of being sent away from the site. All immunization and other health certificates, lab tests, etc. must be carried out before the completion of 90 calendar days of the reported deployment date.

GDC ensures that these time limitations are met by encouraging participants to fast track necessary appointments. All the procedures undertaken are in accordance with standard OCONUS (Outside Continental United States) Overseas guidelines.




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