OCONUS DeploymentGDC has a great track record in providing seamless deployment assistance when dealing with Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS) projects. We have a separate team of professionals dedicated to OCONUS projects who focus primarily on making the process of well-organized movement of workers as smooth as possible. Our productivity rates while implementing operations is something we pride ourselves upon.

How GDC maintains a high productivity rate

In OCONUS projects, it is important to get every detail right.

For each and every consignment, our team leaders focus on –

Analyzing the manpower required for a project

Acquiring the suitable candidates

Assembling the team in a balanced manner

Training them for the specific project

Visa Processing


Ensuring that the quality of work is uncompromised

Retaining the best performers

GDC also makes the process of a worker getting deployed and coming back seamless by ensuring highest quality service including the following –

  • Ground support
  • Appropriate supplies
  • MILAIR conveyance
  • Weapons training supervision
  • Local procurement
  • Optimum immigration assistance
  • Consulting with experts on improving security issues

Why GDC has been so successful

OCONUS Deployment AssistanceOur goodwill in key offices and relationships with several foreign associates makes the process of obeying all customs necessities easy and uncomplicated.

Our transportation networks are flawless. They oversee both air and surface transport, right into the theatre of operations. The element of unnecessary hassling and waste of time is completely eliminated.

At GDC, it is compulsory for every worker to study and learn via experience the laws and regulations of all the countries we provide our services in. We also employ ex Department of Défense and Commerce (DoD and DoC) who train our workers on United States Central Command (CENTCOM) policies.

Be it a war zone or a country offering great employment opportunities, if you have the will, GDC has the means to make that ambition find its true fulfillment.




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