At GDC, we find it necessary to validate IT software and procedures that are implemented during an in-country or overseas project. In a project of such mass proportions, perfection is the only standard acceptable by our professionals. Our Quality Assurance Testing team ensures that we reach those standards. Assisted by our Information Technology Management department, we at GDC believe that quality is everyone’s responsibility. That is why we collaborate effectively with our clients to ensure that achieving quality becomes a habit.

Why Our Process Is So Effective

Our past records have shown that non-conformities caught during testing phases have saved large amounts of client investment. In some cases, our effective pre-analysis projects have helped in halving the overall costs.

Our essential departments of Quality Control include –
  • Process Our QA testing process incorporates a severe inspection of all procedures implemented in the deployment project. This entails relentless monitoring and examination of business procedures against the standard ideals.
  • Change Control We encourage businesses to run a thorough assessment procedure that helps in highlighting procedures deviating from our target.
  • Client Complaints We hone in customer complaints of the past and ensure that our clients’ valuable opinions are a part of our future processes.
  • Deviations QA testing tracks any mistakes, bugs, nonconformities and deviations from the planned processes
  • Training Our QA process also incorporates the tracking of training procedures.

External threats such as data theft are increasing. The opponents are becoming more efficient and sophisticated. In order to be prepared, we have teamed up with Infrashields, one of the leading Cyber Security companies of recent years. The team assists us on a technological level and also provides us with mock inspections and framework alignment.




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