GDC recognizes the fact that most companies in the current market suffer heavy productivity losses as a result of unsuitable organization-wise software deployment. Since the customized applications which most businesses create, now get combined with most of the commercial procedures, an unfitting selection, deployment and user-training in any app not only results in an exaggerated total price of ownership but also diminished levels of employee efficiency.

GDC’s Enterprise Package Implementation and Migration wing envisions and delivers model-based enterprise package implementation and migration facilities that cut overall expenses in IT infrastructure and capitalizes on productivity at all deployment stages. This consists of –

Complete implementation of our procedures into the organization

Cost Cycle assessment

Package assessment



Support – providing consistent support on our procedures.

GDC’s Enterprise Package Implementation and Migration Services are an all-inclusive package that includes services such as –

  • Software Necessities Analysis
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Enterprise Data Management
  • Enterprise Reportage
  • Applying Production Aptitude using Process Analytics
  • Applying Supply Chain Astuteness
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence Calibration
  • Mid-market Business Intelligence Calibration
  • Data storage of local and overseas databases
  • Customer Resources Management (CRM)
  • Providing stable IT infrastructure for Turnkey Project Management
By using re-usable mechanisms and inimitable methodologies for upgrade we overcome deployment time gaps and application performance constraints. We advise you to use our business process know-how to bring added levels of value to your business.




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