GDC’s Information Technology Management wing launched its Application Maintenance branch with a clear vision of solving these common problems –

Reducing the expenses of application maintenance

Increasing our application quality and dependability

Improved business value of applications and awareness to commercial requirements

These are the three key areas we have effectively improved and continue to do so. Our process usually entails –

  • Customization changes – making our apps more adept to client demands and project-specific requirements
  • Bug fixing– We regularly update the app to eliminate any form of bugs
  • Application configuration backing and support
  • Major and minor improvements – We keep making minor changes regularly. The major changes usually happen when there’s an update to the interface
  • Following a strategic roadmap designed by our IT management team – We take necessary steps to upgrade our standards of technology in a planned manner
  • Patch up gradation on a regular basis
  • Performance monitoring – Since cases of data theft and financial fraud are steadily increasing, our performance monitoring department maintains efficient and sophisticated codes and software security standards. We have also teamed up with Infrashields, the reputed Cyber Security company, for assisting us not only in maintaining our application security standards but also helping us with regards to key security features
We have a separate wing to provide support to newly developed applications. We make major enhancements in case there are severe faults in the interface or the digital framework of the application. For new applications, we go for
  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Initial Testing
  • Proof of Concept testing
  • Preparation and implementation of deployment tactics
  • User-acceptance testing
GDC is committed towards making your initiatives easier with quality application support at cost-effective prices.




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