GDC understands that the amount of Data involved in every project, especially off-shore assignments, is too much to handle at some point. In most of our projects, digital devices and endpoints are booming, and there is an increasing need for everything to be connected. This is why we deliver sophisticated applications, faster than ever before.

How GDC’s Application Development Has Helped Clients

  • Our flexible front-end helps in delivering an appealing UX for modern multi-channel commercial apps which are ideal for the deployment processes.
  • We run a server less cloud based system which enables us to create and run micro services on the most dependable, scalable and protected cloud platform. Since external threats such as data theft are growing, we have teamed up with Infrashields, one of the top Cyber Security firms, to assist us on a technological level, providing training and assistance. The Infrashields team also conducts mock inspections on our cloud and updates our framework alignments to ensure we stay a step ahead of potential threats.
  • Cognitive Services – Connect and absorb as much data possible to drive business and project value.
  • Adaptive User Experience – We leverage top tools and technologies to swiftly produce innate multi-channel experiences.
  • Web Experience Management – We make sure that our clients’ web experiences are always pleasurable, informative and suited to their immediate needs. We create and administer multichannel digital experiences swiftly and in an economic fashion.
We at GDC believe in creating an Open Edge Platform where we can build, deploy and protect apps that become highly important to all of our missions. Our apps are available in all platforms and have been acclaimed in America, UAE and all the other countries we provide our services in.




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