The Program Management division of GDC’s Base Camp Support team consists of former military professionals and experienced managerial position holders. Their task is to design and deliver deployment programs in a speedy manner. In the past, our team has had to devise operational programs in a matter of hours.

Analyzing the details

The crucial factor in conducting program management for OCONUS or other projects is paying attention to the littlest of details. Our Program Management Team conceptualizes the entire project before giving suitable directions to the operational team.


Many people mistake GDC as being just the arm that carries workers from one side of the globe to the other. However, the Program Management Team of GDC acts as the brain of the organization ensuring that all workers have successful trips.

Program Management Team

Our Program Management Team consists of four crucial branches.

International Deployment Solutions
Analysis of the job in hand

The team member carefully analyses the demands of a specific job. Based on this analysis GDC determines what type of workers will be needed to successfully complete the task. This stage also involves analyzing the type of facilities, machineries, and other utilities that may be required on the job.

International Deployment Solutions

Not only do the applicants have to be willing to travel overseas, they need to have the required skill set. GDC representatives will thoroughly inform the candidate about the requirements. In case the applicant is not trained in a specific field, he or she can access our training programs.

International Deployment Solutions
Project based training

Special training will be made available for those who need it. Standard training concerning the day to day activities of living in an overseas country will be given to all candidates.




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