Ever since GDC’s foundation, it has been prolific in providing speedy deployment of logistical support facilities all around the world.

Our Base Camp Support Team has several times initiated base camp mobilization in hours of primary contract issuance. Our base camp support services have registered a successful record in

The United States


Afghanistan (Kabul)


Iraq (Baghdad)




Dem. Republic of Congo


UAE (Dubai)

Our support team has been successful in providing

Huge amounts of electrical utilities

Groups consisting of 20+ contracted workers

Disaster Management teams

In the past, GDC has worked in affiliation with reputed organizations such as

Our support team

GDC employs experienced individuals who have been in the profession of providing base camp support for over 20 years. From former military officials to ex-disaster management company heads – the team’s experience is its key asset. With our professionals’ expertise and our desire to challenge ourselves, we have been able to achieve feats such as –

  • Providing completely functioning turn-key base camp services within 3 days of contract issuance both in the USA and overseas.
  • Achieving the status of a trusted partner of government agencies, leading industries, and disaster management organizations.

The reason behind our success

In short periods of time, GDC is able to conduct –

  • Manpower Analysis – Analyzing the suitable amount of personnel required to carry out a job
  • Talent Acquisition – Recruiting the perfect people for the job in hand.
  • Candidate Packaging
  • Project based training
  • Visa Processing
  • Deployment
  • Ensuring that there is a high standard of quality in manpower performance




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New York

Visa Services


Staffing Support

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