As countries and communities continue to innovate methods of communication, interaction, and engagement, GDC believes in harnessing the the power of international collaborations by providing points of access and support for contractors organizing personnel and resources to through-and-to Theaters of Operation. Directed by a qualified team of retired military and skilled contracting specialists, we are efficient in dealing with both small and substantial projects.

All the expert facilitators at GDC are inspected and given the clearance and authority to privately have a meeting and discussion with –

The hiring department of the foreign company

Contractors working on every deal

State Department Representatives

In order to make sure that all of our contractor workers find the transitional process smooth, we engage in face to face meetings with several concerned authorities. It is our motto at GDC to lead from the front and eliminate beforehand, any complications that a worker may face in the future.

Our Staff

Led by our CEO Iba Leka, our team of experts puts into practice a planned approach to recognizing and on-boarding quality talent to effectively meet our clients’ business needs.

International Deployment Solutions
Iba Leka
International Deployment Solutions
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International Deployment Solutions
Consulate Senior Advisor
International Deployment Solutions
Deployment Manager, Iraq
International Deployment Solutions
Foreign Policy Advisor
International Deployment Solutions
Deployment Analyst




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